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Twelve South Curve For Macbook

Twelve South Curve For Macbook

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price: $80 Inc GST
Warranty: 1 Year

At first glance it looks like a work of art. Look closer and see Curve is an elegant, aluminium MacBook stand. A classic stand, redesigned for the modern MacBook! One that lifts MacBook an ergonomically correct 16.5 cm above your desk, with a 25-degree angle. A durable and reliable stand, featuring a sleek aluminium design enhancing any work environment and matching the sophisticated look and feel of Apple’s MacBook models.

Reference Code: MAN6151
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Product features:
  • Raises screen (16.5 cm) off desk for improved ergonomics and airflow

  • Pair with a full-size keyboard & mouse to add comfort and convenience to a desktop setup at work or at home
  • Use alongside an external display for the ultimate dual-screen workstation
  • Durable and reliable 
  • Added comfort to posture at work or at home 
  • Sculpted modern minimal aluminium design fits all models of MacBook, and other laptops