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Apple Watch Series 4 40mm Cellular Gold Aluminium Case Pink Sports Band

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm Cellular Gold Aluminium Case Pink Sports Band

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price: $365 Inc GST
Warranty: 6 Months

Apple Watch Series 4 models look similar to earlier models, but have larger displays, more advanced input capabilities, more powerful internals, and more advanced sensors (most notably a new accelerometer and gyroscope that can detect falls and an electrical heart sensor).

All cellular-capable Apple Watch Series 4 models, like this one, are capable of being connected to the Internet without a “tethered” iPhone, but it still requires an iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 12 or later for most functionality.

All Apple Watch Series 4 devices are controlled with a Digital Crown with haptic feedback and a Force Touch capable display. This particular Apple Watch Series 4, a cellular-capable model in the 40 mm size, features a 324×394 LTPO OLED screen. Configurations with aluminum cases use “strengthened, lightweight Ion-X glass” and those with stainless steel cases use a “Sapphire crystal” covering over the display. All models use an “all ceramic and sapphire crystal back” that connects to the charger.

Battery life is an Apple estimated “up to 18 hours” overall, but more precisely, “up to 2 hours” of talk time connected to an iPhone, “over 1 hour” connected to LTE, “up to 10 hours” of audio playback from Apple Watch storage, “up to 7 hours” of streaming from a music playlist with LTE, “up to 5 hours” streaming live radio with LTE, “up to 10 hours” of working out indoors, “up to 6 hours” of working out outdoors with GPS, “up to 5 hours” of working out outdoors with GPS and LTE, and “up to 4 hours” of working out outdoors with streaming audio, GPS, and LTE.


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Product features:
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Size: 40mm
  • Model: GPS+CELL
  • Colour: Gold Aluminum
  • Bands: Pink Sports Band
  • System: Watch OS 5
  • Warranty: 6 Months